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Since 2012,  NASLab has put together classes for middle-school and high school students as part of the week-long Summer Youth Program at Michigan Tech. Students come from across the country as well as locally for this program. We have offered two classes, including one for girls only. Middle School and High School courses were offered, but for 2017 we are focusing on Middle School students. We have found that middle-school-aged students were more engaged in the program; it is a critical time for introducing robotics, engineering, and STEM concepts.

Starting on a Monday, students are introduced to programming, electronics, design, and the engineering process. Teachers and assistants give one-on-one help if needed to guide students through the material. The last two days are spent building and testing the big two projects: GUPPIE and Neu-pulator.

Last Year we Offered:

Women in Robotics: July 16 – July 22, 2017. Scholarships available!

Robotics 101: Benefiting Human Life: July 09 – July 15, 2017.

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2018 classes: To Be Announced!